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    Dear All,
    We are in the process to complete the purchase of a Charles Church house. This house will come without flooring. The flooring was not included in the price and therefore we decided to do it ourself following completion. It will be a mixture of wooden floor and tiles.
    The wooden floor company has quoted us with a price not including VAT as it is a new build. They will provide and fit the wood.
    We have encountered some problems with the tiles instead as the companies we have contacted sell the tiles and they need to charge VAT and then have advised us with the name of some tilers. When we enquired about the VAT they told us that we can claim it back but I cannot find any form for it apart the one for DIY builders and we are not. Can you please advice us on this topic?
    First of all: 1- are we actually eligible to VAT exemption? 2-if so how do we claim for it?
    Thanks for your advice!


    Supplies of services and goods (if provided with the services) of a new build are zero rated. However supplies after completion do not qualify for zero rating. I suggest to read VAT notice 708, section the key question is whether the building 3.3.2 for the definition of completion. If not complete, you can claim VAT through the DIY scheme – again you can see details on the VAT notice 708.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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