Reclaiming VAT for international (non-EU) sales

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    This is probably pretty basic question, but I just wanted to ensure my understanding is correct.

    If I am selling goods internationally to a buyer outside the EU, I don’t need to charge VAT on those sales.

    However, in purchasing the goods that I sell to the international buyer, I am charged VAT on those purchases.

    Does the government re-pay me the VAT I have paid on acquiring the goods for sale?

    If this is my main business model, are there any limits to the repayment of VAT that will be made to me, or any problems that may arise in accounting or record keeping?



    1. If you register for VAT, you will be able to reclaim input VAT on goods and services supplied to you, provided VAT was charged i.e. you have a valid VAT invoice.

    2. If you trade under VAT registration limit, you can apply to HMRC to cancel your registration. HMRC would not de-register on their own accord.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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