Please help my new vat number is invalid

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    Hi all ..Can anybody help me I’ve recently applied for a vat number which I have now received..And every time I enter it in the vat checker it comes back as invalid.. Countless calls and emails to no help at all ..They just say it’s a technical issue they are working on ..In the meantime I’m loosing £1000s every week 

    Trevor S

    I’m assuming that you’ve received your VAT registration certificate from HMRC, but your number is showing as invalid on HMRC’s checking website? If so, there does seem to be an issue with new and amended registrations, as detailed here:

    You don’t mention how you’re losing money from this. If you’ve got the certificate, you’re registered – and can issue VAT invoices and reclaim VAT on your costs (subject to the normal rules). It’s possible that some customers may want to check that your registration is valid, as might any foreign based suppliers. If so, until the system is fixed, I’d suggest sending them a copy of your VAT registration certificate together with a screen shot of the page I’ve given the link to. These will prove that your registration is valid and explain why the checker suggests otherwise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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