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    David Davies

    I am a UK-based artist and I sometimes sell works at Art Fairs in the US via a UK based agent who takes the works to the US and sells them at the Art Fairs. He invoices the customer in his own name and zero-rates the supply. he also zero-rates the commission that he charges to me. Can I zero-rate the invoices I send to him for the works sold?


    Hi DD

    Where someone sells your works to ultimate customers and he charges you commission ie three parties involved in a transaction, is arguably one of the most complex area of taxation as it requires an agency agreement that is VAT compliance and watertight.

    I would suggest to get in touch with a local VAT expert and he will go through the agreements in place and assess the VAT implications and advise on the correct treatment.

    If something goes wrong, HMRC always review the commercial agreements in line with what happens on the ground before they can make an assessment.

    Hope this helps

    David Davies

    Thanks for the advice

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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