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         My wife and I jointly own three furnished holiday lets that we’ve been running for years and filling in this years tax return I can see that the gross income for all 3 is getting very close to the £83k vat threshold.
    As we own them jointly and operate as sole traders, we share the income and profit between us (each of us completes a self assessment declaring our share of the income). Is the VAT liability halved i.e we would each have to be receiving gross income of £83k before we triggered the VAT threshold or is it taken as a whole despite us being taxed separately?

    I’ve searched online extensively without any luck and the only thing I keep coming across is that the person is taxed not the business  and therefore I was hoping that only each others income would count towards the threshold not the total.
    Grateful for any insights.


    let me know if the below doesn’t make sense and i can explain, in essence, if 2 people work together as a joint venture, the joint venture may have to register for VAT not individuals/sole traders. Hence the total sales are considered. and with property, any joint tenancy is by default considered a partnership from VAT point of view, hence the total income of the partnership business is considered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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