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Thank you for your very detailed answer, we have read and reread all you mention, the more we read the less we understand, hence also asking about how to find a suitable specialist advisor. 

The land as it is has a small derelict building that we will remove. Going forwards nothing will be built in its place, apart from fencing erected around the perimeter.
The ongoing purpose would in normal circumstances be VAT exempt.
I do have a registered company that could claim the VAT back, that could buy it and probably the way we will go if VAT is would just have been preferable to own it personally but to finance it that way would mean personally taking money out of the company at 40%tax which seems counterintuitive to save 20% VAT
Sorry to be vague about the specifics of the land but for several reasons I’m not keen to share too many details. 
Thanks for speedy and comprehensive reply.