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Thanks again Trevor. What you say makes complete sense to me and I’m happy if this is the case. It does appear that the only change taking place is in the partnership and not in terms of the property and VAT. I have had a look online and I found one VAT legal advisory service where they offer exactly what you are talking about – they will give me a written statement in terms of my position with the VAT and the property but for this they want £600 plus VAT! They say it would be good to keep it on file in case of any future HMRC investigation. But I presume that if my undertading of the situation is, as you have said, then I will be in the clear and if I am not then I will be guilty of not following correct proceedures – which would be fair enough. So I wonder what difference it would make if I had a statement from a legal advisor or not? Or is the idea that I can then claim against the legal advisor? I kind of understand the element of peace of mind this might provide…I just wonder if there might be a legal advisor who might prepare this statement for me for a less than this?