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Thank you so much for your response and it was so informative.

I am currently a digital product and services. As i dont have physical sales within UK invoming or outgoing. Which for now i do digital services. So on, moss is ok to focus with?

So how about my regular VAT? How do i fill such since i dont have physical sales . Do need to pay something? What i mean is that, all my sales happen digitally..

We serve worldwide so i was so curious about it. Now for me MOSS is clear that all sales to EU will be under MOSS. HOW ABOUT SALES from US or Asia?where they will be belong? Was under my regular vat? Its not a physical sales its digital..

My point on the reg VAT is how to comply with our sales where as u mentioned its a physical sales in uk ..

How about my sales to my UK customers? Where they will belong? Still its digital sales.

Thank you again for your feedback. I hope i made clear on what my concern is.